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Undergraduate courses 2015

SCU College offers broad-based pathway degrees, associate degrees and diplomas for students who do not have a suitable qualification for direct entry into a specialist degree program, or who want to study university one step at a time.

When you study one of our courses, you are supported every step of the way by the College Connect initiative.

You also receive significant credit (advanced standing) into the specialist Bachelor degree you are aiming for, based on the units you successfully complete in your SCU College degree. To find how much credit can be received for units studied in a SCU College Diploma or Associate degree, visit the Pathways webpage and look for the 'SCU Diploma/Associate Degree Pathways' PDF document that lists the specific credit details by course.

Pathway to degree

A Diploma is 1 year full-time or 8 units. The (up to) 8 unit credits leads to an Associate Degree.

An Associate Degree is 2 years full-time or 16 units. The (up to) 16 unit credits leads to an Degree.

A Degree is 3 years full-time or 24 units.

DistanceLismoreCoffs HarbourGold Coast
Diploma of Business (International students only)
Associate Degree of Allied Health
Associate Degree of Arts
Associate Degree of Business
Associate Degree of Science
Bachelor of Contemporary Studies

Where will
I study?

What will
it cost?

What will
I study?

Where will
it lead?

How to

Where will I study?

SCU College courses are offered on campuses and by distance education. Check each course for details.

What will it cost?

See Tuition fees and charges information.

What will I study?

Each Diploma or Associate degree starts with introductory units which develop the skills vital to your future success. These are normally undertaken in the first year and include units on:

  • Language and learning related to your discipline
  • An introduction to your broad discipline
  • Career development and future learning
  • Numeracy in your discipline (in some awards only)

These introductory units are followed by degree-level units from the linked Bachelor degrees. SCU College continues its support while you are studying these units. For details of specific units, click on the courses listed above and look for 'course structure'.

Where will it lead?

Diplomas and Associate degrees open access to a world of careers and professions including occupational therapy, speech pathology, podiatry, engineering, science, business, tourism, creative arts and cultural studies. Some will provide you with the qualifications for employment in their own right, while others will allow you to access professions you may not have thought possible.

How to apply

Apply now for Diploma of Business

Apply now for Associate Degree of Arts

Apply now for Associate Degree of Business

Apply now for Associate Degree of Allied Health

Apply now for Associate Degree of Science

Apply now for Bachelor of Contemporary Studies

Updated: 10 June 2015